Beyonce: Formation Tour was so therapeutic

Yesterday I went to the Beyonce Formation Tour in Amsterdam Arena with my dearest friend M. It was a pretty long evening, as it took us a while to get in (it was all sold out, so 50.000 people had to go through security and that takes a while), plus as it was her first concert experience I wanted her to also see the pre-shows, that were actually pretty bad.

Anyway, we were standing there for a pretty long while, but thankfully we had lots to discuss 😉 And it is always lovely to see M again, she has some kind of goddess like tranquility about her, that makes me very comfortable. And I was thrilled to be the one to take her to her first concert, and I was even more thrilled that her first concert experience was a full blown sold out arena show by one of the best performers on the planet. So it was bound to be a good night!


And it was, Queen Bey was everything I wanted. Though we only saw her in millimeters because we were standing comfortable but quite far from the stage, we could enjoy the energy in the room and the show on the big screens too. It was an excellent show, with water, fireworks, confetti, amazing singing, lots of dancing and very hot costumes. And the temperature in the room was pretty hot as well by the way, a few people even fainted..

But Beyonce was slaying, as she promised, and the audience slayed with her. She is such a goddess: her body, her movement, her voice, her originality, she is one powerhouse. There was not one boring moment, and she sang oldschool Destiny’s Child songs, many break-up songs of her own and there was even a moment for Prince, when Purple Rain was played. Very beautiful.

To me going to the concert meant so much more though, than just having a wonderful time with my dear friend, kneeling down for our queen hihi, it was an ending of a very turbulent and crazy period of my life. Cause when the album Lemonade came out, I was going through some rough stuff, and Bey sang exactly about things that I was kinda dealing with at that stage, and her album just gave me overall strength and courage to deal with stuff. I haven’t always been strong through the whole process, but I am still proud that I handled things the way I did.


Going to the concert, three months after Lemonade dropped, and after a few life-altering choices in my life have been made (one of them just a few days ago), was like ending this crazy few months. Not that my situation is all changed yet, but at least I now kinda know the direction I am in and that is an okay feeling. There are so many songs by Bey that got me through all of this. Especially Running is a song that really touched my heart and when she sang it at the concert I had a hard time listening, cause it just, I dunno, something music just speaks to your heart. As if at some moment your heart is open to a certain song, and then you learn so much from it. I have had (and I still enjoy) many of these songs, and Running is definitely one that is going to be on that list.

Cause I have been running from myself, and I won’t be doing that anymore, though I am not entirely sure yet if I am ready to face it all.. But time will tell, and I have the strength thanks to Bey- to deal with whatever sht will come on my way.

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