Let’s wish Kinect goodbye with Fru

I was always such a big fan of Kinect. It was too bad not too many developers knew how to really work it, but I have enjoyed (and I am still enjoying) Dance Central so much, and Gunslinger, and Once Upon A Monster even though I am way too old. It is really good stuff, and I am very sad it died a somewhat silent somewhat sad death over the past few years.

But here it is, like the last unicorn we now have the last Kinect-game, or at least: that is the expectation. Fru is a very cool platform-game where you use your silhouette to get the little person in the game to the end of the level. So sometimes your silhouette is water, so the person can swim through it, and sometimes you will have to use the normal objects in the levels to help it get further in the game. It is hard to explain, but it is really cool to play. I love it when games challenge me in new and modern ways, that is why I was so amazed by Fru.

Fru has made me crawl on the ground, and laugh out loud when trying to bend myself so that I could actually make the character move without dying. It is so much fun to tiptoe around and try to make this game work, even though it is hard work, it is very cool to play it. After 1.5 hours you get a bit crazy from all of the sitting, standing, crawling, bending and whatever, but a few hours later you are good to go again, to see what the story in the game is about. Until now it really has been a very sweet and soft story and game, it has a nice indie feel and I enjoy it. It is a good way of saying good bye to Kinect, though I am not ready to say farewell yet. 🙂

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