Well done, Dr. Dre!

Okay, so I have been listening to Compton, the latest Dr Dre album which is not new, but it is new to me, almost constantly for the last 24 hours and it has been an amazing journey. Everytime I listen, there are new things I hear in the music, the collaborations of Dr Dre are amazing: Kendrick Lamar, Marsha Ambrosius and some dude named King Mez that is great.

I am especially impressed by Dr Dre chosing Marsha Ambrosius to be on a lot of songs. I have loved her voice ever since a girl I used to love send it to me on a mixtape. It was a song by Floetry, and I was immediately impressed by the poetry in their music, and the interesting combination of smooth rap and the unique voice of Marsha Ambrosius. I was afraid we would not hear from Marsha a lot after that, but I am so glad we did. She has a proper solo career now, and Dr Dre loves having her on his album.

I especially love the song Darkside/Gone, as it has a very nice hook by Marsha and then there’s Kendrick Lamar coming in like: BAM! And I love that deep, dark voice of Dr Dre (which is also really nice in the song Bounce by Timbaland, LOVE it), the older he gets, the deeper his sound it and it is just really nice to listen to. And he has the stuff to back up whatever he says too, so it is believable. I am so happy they made the movie Straight Outta Compton, cause it tells a story that so many people did not know before. And Dre is totally doing the right things in that movie, so that is cool too.

Anyway, back to Compton, his latest album. It has a nice flow, every song is amazing, it really tells a story, and you can tell he has put a lot of love, time and effort in. I can imagine that if you love oldschool hip hop, this might be too modern for you, but I am totally in love with Compton and I will probably put at least another 30 hours in this album over the coming weeks. I am so happy someone pointed it out to me, especially now that I am still waiting for that freaking Frank Ocean album to drop. It is already half July, man…


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