I love my mini speaker

As I write for a very cool techie website for ladies, I got to review this mini speaker by Sony. I thought it was pretty rad, but I never really thought about buying one myself. It seemed like a useless thing: I can always listen to radio from my wake-up light in the bedroom, and downstairs I always watch television.

However! I had the chance to keep the speaker, and I have been using it so much more ever since. A few days my boyfriend came home and he was like: “Why is the TV not on? Are you sick?” I am just infatuated with the thing. Whenever I have to clean up my closet (and that is way too often!), whenever I lay in my bath tub (which lately happens A LOT) and when I am cooking, I love having it on, with some Frank Ocean, some Beyonce, some Skunk Anansie, and it is just great.

Even though I can’t play any instrument, music is very important to me. Certain songs have gotten me through some rough things, and there are many songs that mean a lot to me. The latest Beyonce album for example, Lemonade, it could not have come at a better time. I just needed it, the strength. And in general I think music is such a beautiful way of expressing things. It involves poetry, dancing, being a team of musicians, having an amazing singing voice.. And most of all: working hard and being creative, which are two things that I absolutely adore.

And thanks to my adorable little speaker, I can listen to it in a good way, without being closed off from the world through headphones. I can dance to it, I can yell to it (can’t call it singing really..) and it is just so nice to have a good song on, a good song at a super high volume. Pink Matter for example, or Bad Religion, those songs are so fitting with me right now, and Pink Matter is a song that is my absolute favorite after Tight Rope anyway, may be it is even my favorite song ever, I love closing my eyes to it, sing along, or just listen, and just feel it. God, it is so good. And I am happy I can just put it on super loud in my home, dancing to it, just like the general women alone in movies do.

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