Walking to clear my head

My brother used to be a very naughty kid. He would drive my mom crazy. That sounds very mean, but he turned into the sweetest guy ever so I can say it like that. So my mom was searching for something she could do, to get rid of the bad feelings she had. Obviously when your kid is making your life hell, you start thinking you’re a bad mom, so she needed something to get rid of the negative energy and she started running. She loved running so much, that eventually she ran marathons all over the world, which is very admirable.

I am not like that. So before you think I will write about how my fantastic running career is actually influenced by my mom: it is not. I have tried a couple of times, and with Run with Evy and Zombies Run! 5K I did get somewhere, but I simply do not like it enough to start having that runners high. So now I walk. Even though walking is for fat and lazy people, it is something that I really enjoy for clearing my head a bit. I have found an amazing route very close to my home, so I want to take that walking route at least four times a week now (while catching Pokémon 😉 ).

It is such a beautiful route, cause first you walk through this old street within my village, and then there is this tall grass that you walk in between of, with little bridges, it is pretty romantic, even though I am walking alone. There are some cows grazing, there is water, there is even wind mills, it could not be more Dutch. But I do love to take that path, as you really smell nature, instead of the chocolate factory I live next to (which often smells great too, but not always..).

And I start walking faster and faster, which is good too, as I have to train for my Damloop, which is going to be a walking route of 27 kilometers. I am not worried about the distance, but my mom keeps on saying I am underestimating it. Or is she underestimating me? 😉 Just kidding, but I do really like walking as it gives me time to think about my day, and mostly about my life. I don’t think I will be able to find any better routes outside my home, but that’s okay, cause I am definitely not done with this one yet.

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