Hip hop is right for all the right reasons

In November of 2015 I realised it was time. I had been wanting to join a hip hop group for ten years, but yet I always feel too white and too big to actually join one, even though when I was little I used to come up with choreo’s all the time, and perform them for the whole school. I thought I’d be pretty good at hip hop dancing, cause I absolutely love doing it.

So I joined a group of 30+ ladies, even though I am 28, as I did not want to spoil the hip hop fun for a group of 16 year olds. So at first I thought: I might be rusty, but I will be okay in this group. Well, I was wrong. Right now we are getting lessons from a new teacher, that is teaching us crazy cool moves pretty fast, and I notice (and get super frustrated) by how my brain is just too tired after a full day of work and being borderline, so I just kinda crash and then it takes me ten times before I finally have the step in my head.

But when I remember the choreo and I do it a lot, I kinda program my brain to do it, (music is very helpful!) and then it gets a bit easier and more fun. I never realised though, how hard it is to learn someone elses choreo’s. I am used to making my own. And I do hip hop video games, but they go so slow, especially compared to the stuff we are doing now. I am pretty impressed too, with the other ladies, some of them are around 50 years old, but they have moves and a way better memory than I do.

Not that it is a competition by the way. We are very friendly towards each other and I would even consider many of them my friends. When I started dancing at this hip hop school, I never really thought about what great things I could get out of it besides being a super cool hip hop chick (which I clearly am not haha). This is going to sound very sappy, but I feel very blessed to have these amazing women around me, that care about my well being, that are just as nervous as I am for our big performance (remember the boxer braids? 😉 ) and that are showing up every time even though they don’t just have jobs, they have kids too.

It is so cool to have this group feeling again, of belonging to a a group, but also as an extra reason to go dancing. If I would not like the people and I was feeling as low as I was this evening, I would probably have not gone. But because I know these ladies are awesome, I did go, and even though it went super sucky at first, I really left with a happy feeling inside, not just because at the end my brain understood the choreo again, but also because the ladies hugged me, asked how I was doing (lots of stuff going on people, still can’t really write about it..) and they just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

So, this blog is very sappy, as I said, but I did want to say it, as it does mean a lot to me to have such a nice connection to these ladies. Even though we are there to dance and we work hard, we still share a lot about our lives, even though we do not talk a lot. There is not much needed as those women went through a lot of stuff themselves too. They rock, I gotta say, not just as people though, you have to see them perform! 😉

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