I prefer the new Ghostbusters

There, I said it: I prefer the new Ghostbusters over the old ones. I know that is a very dangerous thing to say, especially as many people around me are older and therefor think that the 80’s version is so much better, cause it is original, cause it has guys, cause.. But I disagree, I really liked the new Ghostbusters a lot better, and not just because of the genderswap.

One thing I loved about the movie, is that it was not full of sexual references per se. At the beginning there were some sex jokes, but as they faded away pretty soon it felt like they just did that to please the older audience loving the super tacky sex jokes from the first movie. Not that the movie was extremely funny or anything, there were still a few moments where I heard some crickets, but there were definitely smiles on my face and that is a good job.

The makers did a very good job on this movie in general. It is very hard to make a new version of a movie as iconic as Ghostbusters, and I think they really nailed it when it comes to referring to the old movie, while still putting in modern things. It really had the Ghostbusters feel, even though it was not an 80’s setting and even though the technological developments made it possible for the ghosts to actually move in a pretty scary way.

A huge thing I did not really take into account, was that Chris Hemsworth is in the movie. Obviously to me that is a reason to watch the movie, even if it would be some American Pie-esque movie; if Thor is in there, I am watching. But what I liked most about his part is actually that he kinda genderswapped, as he played the receptionist of the ladies, but he was acting super dumb, exactly like many female receptionist have been (and still are) portrayed in movies. I really loved how he was acting, cause he was still super adorable and gorgeous, and I was totally feeling Erin as she was totally gushing over him. But in general, I really liked how they showed that receptionist work is a profession, and that it is to be taken seriously, well kinda.. šŸ˜‰

Just to be clear, I did not absolutely love the movie, it is not going to be in my top 10 2016 movies, but I do really appreciate it very much. I am biased but I really love that it is about female Ghostbusters, I think the ladies all have their own special feature that they bring to the table, though I did not really like how the character Patty was portrayed as a non schooled person, as she worked at the subway. It was sometimes almost as if she was not on the same level as the others, even though that was not really based on anything, seemed unfair to the character.

Anyway, you should go and see for yourself what you think about it. I think it is a very entertaining flick, and again, they really showed their appreciation to the franchise, while also reinventing it in a great way.

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