Happy 20 year anniversary Spice Girls!

When I was growing up, at one point the Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls were a thing. Take That was before my time, and One Direction was wayyy after, so you were either team Backstreet Boys, Team Spice Girls or no team at all (which obviously makes you boring by default! Just kidding 😉 ). I was totally team Spice Girls, and thankfully we had a group of five friends who were perfect to “play” Spice Girl.

I was Melanie C, because I looked like her the most, even though I could not really handle a back flip. I started wearing Adidas jogging pants and wearing my hair up, so I could resemble her as good as I could. We were totally wearing Spice Girls crop tops back then, and at one point I even owned the official Spice Girls shoes, which where so high that if you stepped wrong, you immediately fell down. But they were awesome… I still wished I had them, but unfortunately my feet got a lot bigger since then.

I was such a huge fan of the Spice Girls, I would buy a German magazine I did not understand, just because there was a picture of Mel B in it. And I have spend a lot of money on Spice Girls pictures and Spice Girls lollipops (that were actually good by the way, so that was a plus). If anything has Spice Girl on it, it definitely had my attention. When my parents told me they had a ticket for me to go and see the Spice Girls, I was ecstatic. But a few days before the concert I got so nervous that I was just sick for days. I was puking my way to the venue, and I was squatting down in the standing area of the Gelredome concert hall because my stomach was so f’ed up that I couldn’t stand up straight anymore. But it was all worth it. 😉

I think Spice Girls did empower a lot of young ladies, and they made it easier for them to be expressive. I remember when Geri received an award for being worst dressed celebrity or something, and we were all like: this is ridiculous, she looks amazing! But we did not realize how the world was ten/thirty years before that, we grew up with this craziness and I am still thankful that I did.

Still I have a soft spot for the Spice Girls, with their Girlpower, their weird kinda feminism. But I do not listen to rumors about reunions or tours anymore. I don’t think they will ever be back together with the five of them, and I do not think I would appreciate it if they would. The Backstreet Boys are still touring, and even that is kinda sad right? Not that their music is no longer good, and I am happy they still give people an amazing evening, but I always wonder if it makes them happy too..

Anyway, I wish all those Spice Girls fans out there a happy 20 years of Spice Girls. It is weird to think about it, makes you feel so old. It is nice to think back to it though. The time the teacher allowed us to get the school TV and watch the video of Spice Up Your Life with the whole class, the many, many times we did choreo’s on Spice Girls songs for the whole school, and the overall craziness of putting two fingers in the air and yelling Girl Power! I happily think back of those times, and I hope my four Spice friends do too. 🙂

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