Got new “art”: it’s big

So as I wanted to spice up my house a bit, I decided to get some new art. I have been looking at the same Breaking Bad poster of Walter and Jesse sitting in a car with a gun for too long, it was time for something new. So I decided to go with pineapples, which seems to be a trend in my life right now, though I must say it is kinda hipster..

Anyway, as I was also going to replace my GamerPuss painting, I decided to get a pretty awesome pink statement poster: “Keep calm and write on” and a canvas to go next to it, with a vintage lady on it, writing on an old typewriter, looking kinda angry/puzzled. I totally love her, I bet she has red hair, though I am not sure as the pic is in black and white. She wears lots of eyeliner though, just like me.

It is very hard to check how big a painting/canvas/print should be, and I think I bought them a tiny bit too big, hihi, but that’s okay though, I just have to get used to it. Plus, it is nice to have a big statement that fits my personality so well superhuge in my living room. I bet the cats love it too.

It is always difficult to find art to fit your house. Many Dutch families have very big canvases with their kids on it or something, but that is not really my thing. I’d rather go with something from a movie, or something personality fitting, but I don’t have a family of course. If my cats would be a tad more photogenic, or lets say: if they would be able to look good in a picture with all three of them together, I would probably also totally go for it and put them on a huge canvas.

But now I am just going to stick with writing, a gorgeous woman and a tropical pineapple, cause those are things that make me happy at the moment. What do you think?




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