The best *NSYNC songs ever

I grew up with the Spice Girls. Even though I am born in the 80’s, I totally consider myself to be a 90’s chick. I was super crazy about the Spice Girls, and the craziness was so huge that I did not have any room left for boybands. I really disliked the Backstreet Boys, and I thought *NSYNC was even more a rip-off of that concept. When I went to high school though, my views on that changed.

My best friend at the time really liked *NSYNC, so she would make me listen to their music and that way I started appreciating some of their songs. This is my top three favorite *NSYNC tracks:

It Makes Me Ill

This is the perfect example of a song that I have learned to really love thanks to this chick. I can still memorize the exact lyrics, twenty years later. I like the start of the song a lot, that quick bit, how it is first a bit cocky but then it gets very mushy and soft, love it! It is a typically boybandy song I would say. And I dislike the whole “It Makes Me Ill” part, cause it is just too much. The sounds, the voice of that one guy, is it JC or CJ or whatever? But I like the overall attitude of the song.

I Drive Myself Crazy

This is a song (pretty bad name for the song, right?) that I actually did listen to a lot during my earliers years, when the Spice Girls were in their break up period. I did not specifically love this song, but somehow I decided to make a choreo on it, and perform it at my own disco birthdayparty together with a few friends. I still know parts of this choreography, even though I did so many choreo’s when I was little.. While writing this I try to understand why I picked this song, cause the song is not one I loved, but I guess it was a bit sad and I appreciate sad songs. I do have fond memories of that party though, I wore so much make-up, I had my hair exactly like Aaliyah in the Are You That Somebody video (I was obsessed with that hair, I still like it a lot actually, two pony tails in the back, a big piece of hair on the front, sideways, really nice!), I was so creative back then.

There can only be one ultimate favorite song and obviously that is the most depressing song the boy band ever made. It is one of their newer tracks: Gone. It has the amazing Charlie Chaplin-esque video, and if you look at it closely, you will see that this video is a good representation of how the band would end up. Justin was always going to be the biggest star, the singer slash actor with the amazing looks. Not my type by the way, but I can imagine why he would melt hearts of ladies and gentlemen all over the world. I really love the video, it looks so good still on VEVO now. But it really is a Justin Timberlake song with some backing vocals by the rest of the group. I also think it is funny that the song is very slow, but yet I can’t sit still to the chorus.

So these are my favorite *NSYNC songs, as you can see all three of them are very different memories, but still awesome. Actually the website of *NSYNC used to have the video’s on it, and I remember watching Gone over and over again. It felt very illegal to be able to check the video’s whenever you wanted, I thought it was magical. This was all in the pre-YouTube-times, and the website was pretty crappy, but still I was so impressed by being able to check out these videos online. Wow! Oh how the world has changed though 😉 Thankfully JT still makes amazing music.

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