My manager added me on Facebook

Everybody is on Facebook, except for people that have difficulties dealing with their ‘digital footprint’. I can imagine, cause recently I went through all my Facebook-posts and I realized that that is a lot of information on there. Not my address on anything, but stuff that I do, stuff that I believe in, it does give a little insight in a little part of me. It might be creepy that there is so much on there, but on the other hand it is pretty logical after so many years on that platform. Why I went through all my old Facebook statuses? Well, my manager added me on Facebook.

Let me make one thing clear, I really like my manager. We get along great, we send eachother memes all the time, and I have totally no problem having him on my Facebook. Has it changed my way of “doing” Facebook? Yes. Even though I have my dad on Facebook too, so I do watch a little bit better what I say as my opinion often is not very regular, having my boss on there gives that another dimension. If I am still awake at 2 o clock at night, I probably should not post anything, cause if I would do bad at work, he might think that it is because of something in my private life.

If you are a party animal, I can imagine it is scary having your boss on Facebook. People might tag you in drunk pictures that you might not like your manager to see, I get that. I however, do not have many of those pictures, so that is a problem I am not worried about. I am allergic to wine, so no hey-sun-lets-sip-some-wine-outside-pics from me. But, just because there are little to no pictures of me drunk, there are still some Facebook statuses or pics I took off my wall when he added me.

Nothing too crazy, just a few selfies, as it somehow seems so immature to have selfies, even though everybody does it and I am not looking like some Playmate on them or anything. I just wanted to take those off so I could feel kind of comfortable about my pictures. I did not really delete anything else, as at one point I was making myself crazy thinking: oooh what if he goes through my whole wall and he will see stuff he does not think is okay?! I am still a different person, that we work for the same company does not mean we agree on everything. Plus, if he would fire me because the person I am at home is so different from the one at work, he is silly for firing an assistant he is very happy with at work right? And thank god I am not a racist, cause I can imagine that might be a dealbreaker. 😉

It is very interesting how this one person in the world changes my whole way of looking at Facebook. Cause I do get a little bit more careful on what to put there, even though I am pretty sure he would not judge me for it. At work he has not really said much about it either, even though I post a lot more like he does. Unfortunately he does not really post stuff on Facebook. And when he accidentally added me on Instagram, I thought: ha, finally I have some blackmail material, but no: not much on his Insta either! 😉

I can imagine your boss adding you on social media is very scary. In many relationships I would not recommend it, and I did hesitate for a second before I accepted his friend request (he added me after we were joking about some event I was at at work). Not because I was not going to accept, but because I thought: what if I was a person who would not want her manager on Facebook, would you just leave the friend request hanging forever? That could possibly affect your relationship too right?

It is risky business, having your manager on your social media, but if you are careful about what you post (and when! 😉 ), which you actually should be in general, it can be very good for your relationship as there is some kind of openness and you get a nice little look into their lives after work. I can imagine you might not be into that at all, that is possible, but I like having a modern manager that shows interest in his people.

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