LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens is great!

So I have been reviewing LEGO games for many years now, and playing them even longer. I absolutely love TT Games’ franchise and even though some of them I am more favorable towards than others, usually they make it up to me pretty swiftly by releasing a super awesome new game. I really like the quirkiness of the characters, the fun different way of telling a story without it losing its authenticity, the co-op gameplay is super fun and then there is the collecting and the puzzles: LOVE IT.

As I really loved the new Star Wars movie, I was very curious what TT Games would do with it, but I gotta say, I am stoked with the result. I have just played the game all the way through, and I really appreciate how they kept the most shocking part authentic, but also turn the last scene in something funny even though they did not have much to work with. TT Games is a very talented studio full of people that absolutely love the franchises and that is very easy to see.

The only problem I keep on having with TT Games games, is that they always have a lot of technical flaws. Once I have spend 45 minutes looking for something to go to the next part in LEGO The Hobbit, only to understand when I restarted the game that there was a whole piece of bricks not loaded well, which could have made me look for nothing for a lot longer. Unfortunately LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens has that too, sometimes even with a error message in screen which requires you to restart the game and that takes forever.

However, that is the only negative thing I see in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is a really fun game, they stay very true to the story and still put a lot of fun stuff in there, and I love seeing all those awesome Star Wars characters being turned into LEGO minifigures. I did not really like the former LEGO Star Wars games because of the many waves of droids instead of the interesting puzzles, but this one is more like I want. There are cool shoot outs, but they are handled with in a new way, which makes you see things in a first person shooter perspective, pretty rad.

I am having a good time with the game, and I can’t wait to fully 100% it, I hope I will get to that in the next couple of weeks, but there is a lot of stuff happening right now so we will see. If you are considering getting this game, please do, cause even though it has some technical hiccups, it is full of stuff to loooove. And there are new quotes in there from the original actors, so there you go: reasons enough to play!

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