You can be a tomboy secretary

So when I changed jobs, which you could read about here and here, I was superhappy, thinking: Okay, now I have finally chosen this career, I am okay with it, even though I studied to be something totally different which is actually my passion. I can still do that in the evenings and weekends, and some days off, so I will be okay.

Sometimes I must admit, I still struggle with it, cause it is hard to be around people that are in the situation of being able to do journalism all day, but on the other hand: I can cope with it. What I do find difficult, is that I am just not a secretary type woman when it comes to personality and exterior 😉 I thought about being more preppy and girly a lot when I started my new job. Checking out what I was going to wear the evening before work, using nail polish, lipstick, everything, but I soon started to check out my clothes in the morning, not having time to put on nail polish and being annoyed with lipstick always fading away after one cup of tea.

I started to realize that the preppy, cool management assistant that you see so often: wearing high heels, short skirts and looking perfectly perfect all the time, is not something I will be able to ever be. I am just too much of a tomboy, which in this case also mean: I just don’t care enough about it. When I wear high heels, not only do my feet hurt like hell after a few hours; I look like a giant with my 180 centimeter height. And then there is the whole clothing thing: I don’t feel comfortable wearing short stuff in my current size, especially with my new tattoos, it is just not possible.

But most of all, it is psychological thing. I am just not a woman like that, I do watch Game of Thrones and I want to talk about it with my colleagues, and I cannot talk about clothing and boring things like running and avocados all day ;). And the funny thing is, the assistant that I currently work with, is like that too. She looks lovely, don’t get me wrong, but she is not the London top level super secretary (I mean, she does not look like it). First I thought that was a problem, I thought that meant I could not be a (good) management assistant, but I start to realize more and more that my tomboyness is actually a very good feature in a management assistant.

Even though I am far from perfect (I should be way more precise), I am able to cope with change a lot better than others, and I do not get worked up over how people phrase things too often. I just do it. I love working hard and if things change, I can cope with it. Of course it is too bad I can’t be bothered with nail polish and looks, cause that is a big part of a secretary’s role often, but until now I have had and I have kept a good share of my secretary roles, so apparently I am not the only one 😉

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