Workshop weekend: making glass and molecular cooking

I am not sure if I just used the right English in the header of this post, but this weekend I went on two workshops. After my chocolate workshop last Thursday I went to the middle of our little country to learn how to make glass. I even blew my own Christmas ornament, which was super fun and also scary in a weird way, as you have to hold your hand 10 centimetres away from a fire of 2000 degrees Celcius. Cray-zay.

On Sunday I did a course in molecular gastronomy, which was very nice. Unfortunately there was no nitrogen to cook with, but we did use all these very interesting powders to dry things, or to make pearls with liquid caramel, lots of fun. We did the course with a group and we all made one of the courses, so we made the first course: rocket spaghetti, which was not as nice, but it was very cool to make as we had to put it in little tubules and then press them out by blowing air into them with a tool I used to use when playing doctor.

Lots of fun this weekend, I cannot complain. At work they probably think I am some crazy lady that only goes on these weird workshops, but I just really like to learn more about processes and to experience new things. My favorite workshop still is the cow cuddling, which was so relaxing, and warm, and it was in a time where my boyfriend and I were so in love, it was just perfect. The weather was great too, which does not happen too often in The Netherlands.

But there was also the workshop bird handling, which made us hold big birds of prey, which was amazingly light, but also impressive. They are light, until you hold them for too long, haha, then your arm starts to hurt. And they look at you with their tiny eyes and their huge beaks (okay, they don’t use their beaks for looking 😉 ) and they are just impressive, even when they just sit on your glove (always gotta wear a glove when handling these animals).

There were also other fun workshops, such as making whiskey, cocktail shaking and for example the helicopter flight the other week. Really cool stuff that I get to do pretty often, which I love! I do not have too many silly workshops planned in the future, but I am sure there will be more, and they will be shared at PsychoUnicorn!

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