Don’t watch Finding Nemo first

Last Monday we went to a movie marathon at the Pathe Arena, which was great. We usually do not go to those things, because often a marathon is three movies, many times we have already seen them, so there is not really a reason to go. And it is pretty intense. Today we have found out a totally new reason for not wanting to do movie marathons: you get to compare to the max. We first saw Finding Nemo, which is in my top three favorite movies of all time, and then we saw Finding Dory for the first time ever.

It was a disappointment. Finding Nemo is a supercute, hilarious, swift, uptempo movie full of rich environments and extremely loveable characters. The vibe of Finding Nemo is upbeat, even though the story about a boy missing his father is pretty sad. Nemo is just an amazing movie, I was watching it and I got a little emotional by how amazing the flick is. The detail in that movie, my gosh.

But Finding Dory was different, to say the least. The vibe was not super fun and upbeat at all, it was actually a bit negative, whereas Finding Nemo is all about hope and positivism. Finding Dory was just a bit sad. The jokes were not as funny, there weren’t many of them anyway, and it was way more childish than Finding Nemo. Not that it is not a good animated movie, cause it absolutely is, but it is not to be compared with Finding Nemo, which is the king of all animated movies (except for Beauty and the Beast, duh).

Finding Dory is a bit more dark, it has a less nice story because there are so many human beings in it (well, I don’t know if we should blame the humans for it, but still). It is not the lovely ocean we are looking at, it is all men made stuff and it just does not speak to the creatieve part of the brain as much as the surroundings in Finding Nemo did.

If you want to go and see Finding Dory, you totally should, but please make sure the last time you watched Finding Nemo was super long ago. Nothing compares to you, Nemo.

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