The bag mystery is solved

So, a few days ago I have written a blog about this Of Mice and Men bag that I received in the mail. I totally did not get why I had received it, and I really did not remember entering any contest. However! Apparently I did enter a contest, cause I have just received confirmation from the folks at Empericon that I did win it in a contest: congrats!

It is so weird to me that I would not remember, but I guess I am a bit stupid. I am thinking about going to their concert now, as they will be playing in The Netherlands soon. Too bad I have already bought a lot of concert tickets lately: Skunk Anansie, Beyonce, BJ The Chicago Kid, Empire Live, Gamescom.. So many concerts and festivals to go to, so little money or time.

I am glad the bag mystery is solved though. Not just because I am crazy curious and I want to know everything, but also because I was afraid I would not have the chance to thank the person that gave it to me. Which apparently was no one specific, hihi, no secret admirers there unfortunately. I do love entering contests, especially cause I do get to win something pretty often (dependant on the number of contests you do of course). The Netherlands unfortunately does not have crazy sweepstakes like the USA has. I once saw a show about women that entered sweepstakes professionally, meaning they did it 8 hours a day, and it got them multiple washing machines, and even multiple cars. What the!?

The first thing I remember winning, was a cheese at my elementary school. Then a little bit later I won a polar bear with a little baby polar bear in a BINGO contest (euhm, stuffed animals, no real ones 😉 ). But later it got more interesting: In the past ten years I have won sneakers, plane tickets to a sunny European destination, a set of creams, a picknick basket, tickets to go indoor snowboarding and, last but definitely not least: a snowboard holiday including hotel and bus ride. Pretty amazing! Unfortunately that amazing price of the holiday was not great after all: our bus got stuck on a snowy mountain just about 5-8 kilometres away from the village. We did not get much sleep, but we had to go out of the bus immediately as the snow made it go backwards, where a pretty big ditch was at that could potentially have killed us all.

We had to leave all our stuff on the bus, and then walk all those kilometres up a snowy mountain, in the middle of the night. It was not fun, it was pretty weird, and I was so happy I have my own snowboard, cause had there not been any extra trailer necessary for the people that had their own gear with them, our bus would definitely have crashed. Crazy stuff!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about the bag, and as it was going through my mind so many times the past few days (it was a nice distraction, well needed in so many different ways). It is a super cool bag by the way, I am already using it for a while now and I love it.

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