The three hottest ladies in OITNB

As a woman that loves both The L-Word, Lipservice, Oz and any prison type movie, me and Orange is the New Black kinda was a match even before it happened. That Laura Prepon was in it, made it even more likely for me to want to marry the show. And I did, especially the first two seasons were amazing. The third one I was not really feeling, and the fourth one is especially great at the ending, but I find Piper very fake these days so I enjoy it less.

However, I just wanted to bring out my love for the show in a blog, as that is how I like to express myself. And I thought, why not go for a chauvinist pig kinda angle and let you know who I think are the three hottest ladies in Orange is the New Black. Though most of their amazingness comes from the super nice characters they play. You have already read about one:

Laura Prepon – Alex Vause
I have just ordered a t shirt with “Like a Vause” on it, cause I simply love her character. I already thought Laura Prepon was totes adorable in That 70’s Show, but in Orange is the New Black she takes things to the next level, having black hair, tattoos and the most amazing eyebrows ever. She has a very intense relationship to the key character of the show, though that relationships gets a bit boring in season 4. Especially the first two seasons of OITNB are very much about their relationship, and it is very nice to watch them being in love, but also hating eachother, it is just very cute, sexy and sweet.

Samira Wiley – Poussey Washington 
Poussey is especially adorbz in the fourth season, when her relationship with another character (I won’t spoil) florish to the max. Samira Wiley (who was not super famous before this show, but funny enough did do Michonne’s voice in a Walking Dead video game) is a gorgeous woman, my lord, she is such a natural beauty, she looks so effortlessly amazing.. Her character is also extremely loveable, as she is very sweet, attentive and caring. Plus, she is very smart, which makes her one of the best people in Litchfield prison.

Ruby Rose – Stella Carlin
She is only in 9 episodes in total, and she even feels like a unicorn in season 4, but Stella Carlin, played by Ruby Rose (Around The Block) is one of the most attractive ladies in Orange is the New Black. Her tough character, her body full of tattoos and her bold decisions make her a very interesting character to watch. She has a super cool Australian accent and she is one of the most loved characters in the show, especially when it comes to looks. She is lovely to look at, even though she is a bit too cocky.

Can’t wait for season 5 to start! 😀 Just another year…

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