Independence Day: Resurgence is the worst

Once in college we had to watch Independence Day as it was supposed to be good for our English (or because the summer holiday was coming up and our English teacher was like: screw this, I’ve got better stuff to do!). I liked it, Will Smith was totally the it guy back then (if that is even a thing) and it was over the top, but not too much. I was still young, so I hadn’t seen a lot of these alien invasion kinda movies yet.

Now it is 2016 and the movie has been given a sequel called Independence Day: Resurgence. Now let me be very clear: I was not interested in this movie, especially after seeing a trailer. But Wouter wanted to go, so I joined him. We went to the IMAX cinema and I thought it would be a nice activity together, little did I know it was not as fun at all. First of all we could not eat, as there was a Coldplay concert in our local Amsterdam arena (which is actually called Arena 😉 ) and there were people everywhere. Even at Burger Bitch, so Monday during the Finding Nemo/Finding Dory double bill we need to try again.

So, crisps for dinner: not good. But fair enough, this has nothing to do with the movie. Let me tell you, it was bad. It was campy, without being too obvious about it, which is never good. I never quite knew entirely for certain if the actors knew this was not to be taken seriously or not. It was confusing! There were a lot of one-liners, which is something I do not handle well in general, lots of very adolescent humour, which I think was not fitting at all.

They made a lot of bad decisions, and a lot of stuff happened that would have never happened in real life. I mean, an alien invasion, that is far more believable than having an out of control old looney barging up a stage where the president of the USA is giving a speech. The world is super modern, people are kinda living/working on the Moon, it is super exciting, but the boat that eventually helps out at sea on earth, is as old as can be.

I liked how the president was a woman, obviously, yay feminism, but all the other characters  could have been canned. Many of them I did not really know, cause again, the first movie was made decades ago! So they should have either introduced them properly if they were already familiar, or they should have not put so many different characters in the movie, cause it was just too much. I also did not like how they made some African warlord, with all these third world country non-white people, again the other and the aggressor in a sense even. Meh, I was not a fan.

The movie was so bullshitty, I even fell asleep at one point. Falling asleep in the cinema is tougher than on the couch at home, especially if people are surrounding you, ESPECIALLY when it is IMAX and the speakers are blasting and the screen is huge, you have glasses on, crisps in hand. Nope, still fell asleep and was not regretting it one bit. It was sooo unfunny, so boring, and soooo full of stupid one-liners, dear dear. This is by far the worst movie I have ever watched in the cinema. I even disliked the aliens!

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