Whodunnit: who bought me this bag?

So, a few weeks ago I have send my dear friend S a big box full of baby stuff, because she is pregnant, she is struggling and I just wanted her to feel better, even if it was just for five minutes. Why am I telling you this? Because a few days after I had send her the box, I received a bag of the band Of Mice & Men, bought at Empericon, a German web store. It was just delivered in a bag at my house, by some post service, super normal.

The only thing is: I did not order such a bag, nor did I participate in any contests to win one. Not that I expect anything back from my friend S, cause the whole reason I helped her out is that I don’t want her to have to spend too much money, I did ask her if this came from her. Why? Because her boyfriend is a German guy, and I only know two German guys, and the other one definitely does not have my address, and her boyfriend could discover it.

When I asked her, she said: no, we haven’t send you anything, love. How weird is that? I have absolutely no idea now, who this bag comes from. Who would know I love metal and hardrock, and a band like OM&M would fit me? It is so weird to me, it has got to be her boyfriend, right? Not too many people have my address anyway, and there was no card, no reference to who it could have been, no sentences with thank you or best wishes or anything: If it really is not him, I am totally clueless who it is from then…

It is a nice bag though, and with the rain and lightning that has been torturing Europe lately, I am happy to use it instead of the gorgeous Furla bag that my former boss bought me. 😉 But still: who send it to me? I think I am going to drop Empericon an email today, check if they’ve got any idea. 🙂

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