Song Obsession: Powerful – Major Lazer

Major Lazer is a group/band/musician (?) that is mostly famous because of the song Lean On, with the Bollywood-y music video. I really liked the song, though the happiness in it did make me have to listen to it 20 times before I liked it. There is a different song by Major Lazer however, that is sooo much better. I would not listen to the Major Lazer album myself, but it was a song that was featured in our dance show called Powerful.

So even though I am not a fan of Ellie Goulding (her voice just does not speak to me), the combination of her singing with the John Legend-esque voice of Tarrus Riley is just amazing. The song is called Powerful and it really is truly powerful. The beats are mysterious, a bit dark perhaps, it is about struggle, but mostly about this crazy chemistry you can feel with a certain person. “You charge me up like electricity”. I just cannot not move to this song. That feeling you can have, which they describe, is so amazing, and you even feel it by listening to the chorus of Powerful.

In my dance show it was one of the last songs of the show, to start off the big battle between Avatar and the baddies (our show evolved around Avatar, the anime show). So it also makes me think about being busy with the show, it really was a really cool experience. So that is why currently I am totally obsessed with this song. The lyrics are so true, the pace of the song is just right and the memory of the dance show makes it even better.

I have that a couple of times a year: being totally obsessed with a song, and Powerful definitely is one of those songs. Usually the lyrics are just right for that moment, or the melody is somehow very fitting to what I am going through at that moment. Forever by Chris Brown is a song that really got me through some stuff, even though the lyrics are not even that emotional or anything. For some reason I listened to it, and stuff just became clear, like I overcame something. Even though I cannot make music myself, it does play a big part in my life. And for this small moment, Powerful is the soundtrack.

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