I flew in a helicopter and it was great!

So, I have flown a small plane before, a Cessna to be precise, I thought it was pretty cool, but it did feel a bit like riding in a car, and then going into the sky. Flying a helicopter though, that is something else! I love the feeling of it being so fragile, making so much noise and just being dependent on one small propellor. It was really an amazing experience, even though it was a very gray day, it was only 10 minutes and it was quite expensive (50 euros).

Helicopter: so cool

I did get to sit in the front, next to the pilot, which was a cool guy. I tend to ask a lot of questions and he was okay answering them. The only thing is that my voice is a bit soft for those headsets they use on planes, so I always have to yell a bit, and I don’t love that πŸ˜‰ Same goes for when I want to order something in America, they are like: WHAT are you saying woman with the Scandinavian accent?!

So many people that I told about my adventure ask: why would you do that? Well, you can actually buy it at a company, so you pay money and then you get an amazing experience like that, hihi. I really did not expect it would be such a thrill, there were people asking me: did you dare to do that? The thought of it being dangerous never crossed my mind to be honest, it just seemed like an awesome experience because I see so many helicopters in movies and video games, I wanted to know what it feels like.

Schermafbeelding 2016-06-22 om 22.45.45

It is an amazing feeling, the way the helicopter is able to go up like a pigeon (vertically) is amazing. It feels like you are in the Disneyland Tower of Terror, but then hopefully without the crazy crash down, haha. It feels so agile, a helicopter, you can really go lower than with a plane and you get so close to buildings! It must be even more thrilling to do such a thing in New York, though my colleague told me that New Yorkers are dreading all those helicopter tourists. My flight was just outside of Amsterdam, in a grass field, so I saw the Amsterdam Arena, the big motorway and lovely fields of grass when I was up there.

Just a short flight

It was soo good though. It was only a few minutes, so I was stressing a bit: enjoying the feeling, looking outside, looking down, looking towards the horizon, taking photos, taking selfies, aah! But it was really amazing, I did not want it to end, I wanted to do loopings and everything! πŸ˜‰ I would highly recommend getting into a helicopter, which is a lot more thrilling than stepping into a Cessna. Sure, the Cessna you get to fly yourself (or control yourself, so to speak), and the helicopter you do not, but it is such a different way of flying, it is amazing!

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