F.E.A.R. is Papa Roach’s worst album

I have always considered myself a huge Papa Roach fan. Whenever they would play a gig in The Netherlands I would go and see them, cause obviously I had a major crush on singer Jacoby Shaddix. If I would miraculously have a kid after all, he or she would be named Jacoby. Anyway, love the band, love their lyrics, they always speak to me somehow, some more than others, but they just speak to me somehow. Until F.E.AR., that is.

Papa Roach

When people would ask me what my favorite PR album is, I would probably go with Infest, which was their commercial success thanks to songs like Last Resort and Broken Home. However, after that album they have made a lot of good albums and tracks. Their new one however, F.E.A.R. (actually it is not new, it is just their latest one, but thank god they are in the studio now recording a new album) is so bad.

Just to be clear, Papa Roach is not a band that is musically genius, I usually listen to it mostly because of the lyrics and the feeling it gives me, cause if I would think about the music without singing on it, you realize that their music is very focussed on Jacoby’s voice. Not to say their music is not good, it is just pretty straight forward usually. Again, I cannot make music, so may be I should shut up.


However, that F.E.A.R. album, I feel the need to warn people about it. The lyrics are bad, the songs are way too computery and the overall feeling I get from it, is just awful. This is going to sound very over the top, but I am seriously a bit offended by this album, as a P Roach fan. That song Falling Apart for example, the lyrics are so boring, they do not feel like one thing, it is just scattered everywhere, the music does not sound good, it sounds very flat, and those computersounds in between make it sound even more fake.

Maybe I outgrew their sound or something, maybe I am getting old, maybe I notice too much how many songs of P Roach sound alike (which is not necessarily very negative, especially as they have made so many albums), but I was hoping for an album that would get me through stuff again you know, and this is just crap, this is some kind of techno music meets modern metal/rock. Blergh. Go back to your roots guys, you (used to?) rock.

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