Everest was more personal than I expected

Even though I wanted to go, I did not really get to go and see Everest (2015) in the cinema, which is too bad. Now that I have seen it, I know the movie would have made an even bigger impact had I checked it out in the cinema. But I dealt with that, I am very happy that I did get to see it eventually. Glad it did not fall off the radar, if that is an English expression.

Everest is not the most brilliant movie ever made. Often it looks just a little bit too clean, and the pace of the movie is also a bit odd, but that’s okay, cause the result is still very intense. I especially love how they portrayed the characters in the beginning. First it was all happiness, excitement, anticipation, and then it turned into being scared, being alone and being part of a disaster. It has a lot of impact because this story actually happened to real people, and because it still could happen to people that climb the top of that mountain (which is very expensive by the way, I heard it is like 25.000 euros to get a permit, a person!).

To me the movie is a bit personal too. Even though my parents did not go anywhere close to the Everest, they did climb the Dufourspitze, which is the second highest mountain in the Alps (about 4.6 kilometres high). I was very young when my parents used to go mountain climbing, they even took us with them once, to do a mountain climbing course for beginners, which I did not love, especially cause the bread in the mountains sucks.Anyway, the reasons my parents had to stop mo

Anyway, the reasons my parents had to stop mountain climbing, was that my father always broke stuff (for example his leg, and then he had to walk the whole mountain down by himself #crazy) and he was making my mom super nervous because he was yelling at her to be careful, right when she was standing on one of those ladders that you actually also see in Everest, above a gap between two big rocks or mountains.

Everest made me realize that what my parents did was pretty brave, but it also made me realise that the whole mountain climbing scene is a bit insane. Obviously this movie is very sad, but you can’t really be depressed about it, because the people chose this path themselves. It is tricky to think about it, but it is true. Their fate was truly in their own hands, and even though they could not see the storm coming perhaps, they could make better decisions as soon as it came over the top of the mountain.

Anyway, I am not here to tell people how to mountain climb, I only have my B1 certificate or something, plus, the movie is very good. I love how it is thrilling and a bit scary from the first second on, you feel that something is going wrong from the second the movie starts. I did not really love how the wives at home were involved, that seemed a bit too traditional to me (but I guess that was how the real story went to, so it is acceptable 😉 ), but the atmosphere was very nicely done. It was right, even though all those people dying on that mountain, still today, is not.

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