ZAYN – Mind of Mine is a lot better than expected

When you start singing in a boyband, you kinda know that you really have to enjoy it to the fullest, as god knows you will be breaking up in a few years and then no one wants to listen to your sad solo careers. Often that happens, but definitely not always: Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake have made a pretty awesome career for themselves. The same is about to happen to ZAYN, the guy that left One Direction to pursue his dream of making more RnB-esque music.

I am glad he did, cause I never really listened to One Direction, and now his album is on repeat. It all started with Pillowtalk being his first single, I heard it on the radio and I was really impressed. Then I searched for his stuff on Spotify, thankfully it was there, and I enjoyed a lot of other songs, like She Don’t Love Me, Bright and Wrong (yes, I seem to have a thing for his explicit stuff). I love how there are so many songs on this album: 18! And then there is a remix album, but I really dislike remixes, people should understand that no one wants to hear a dance version of an RnB track. No. One.

Anyway, I like how dangerous the album sounds. It sounds a bit intimate, but also a bit excluded, it is a very interesting mix. It is a bit computer-y, which is sometimes a bit too much for my taste, but it fits pretty well with his voice. I also love the song Rear View by the way, which really speaks to me when it comes to lyrics, it sounds very real. Love it. It is amazing how ZAYN left one of the most famous boybands on the planet, just to be his own man, and boy, is he a good man. I mean, I am not a superfan or anything, but this album is definitely one I will listen to a lot more.


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