Drake’s Views are not mine

So from this Sunday on, I am going to try to discuss an album every week. I listen to so much music, but I never really discover a lot of new artists lately so I thought: every week I will check out the new releases on Spotify and pick an album to listen to, which I will review on Sunday. This week it will be Drake’s Views, an album that has a surprisingly large amount of songs, which are not a pleasant surprise.

So let me begin by stating that Drake and I do have a history. Not together, but I mean: I did listen to his music before this album. Actually I discovered his music mostly because of the song “I gotta find your love”, and the few albums after that (Take Care and Nothing Was The Same) were amazing to me. However, after that Drake started releasing a lot of albums in a pretty short amount of time: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late came out in 2015, just like What A Time To Be Alive and now it’s 2016 and we have The Views.

I mean, I must say, Drake is a guy that can get away with it, he makes good music, I like listening to it, many of his songs are pretty powerful too, especially the slower ones that do not involve lyrics that are only about drugs, being the best and booze (in other words: Marvin’s Room), cause that is what Drake got famous for: just like T-Pain, he was one of the first artists in the Hip Hop scene that actually sang about their feelings. That is one of the many reasons I appreciate his music so much.

But, The Views is an album that simply does not stand out. I know “I need-a one dance” is very popular right now, and it is a very catchy song, but the rest of the songs are very much the same when you listen to them. I have heard The Views over and over and over again over the past two weeks, and yet I do not really separate one song from the other yet, except for the ones that turned into singles. There are not a lot of special songs on there, that have a different sound or something like that.

It is almost weird to me, especially when you compare it to his earlier work, which was extremely interesting because it had so many layers and sounds et cetera. And to be honest, I am a bit disappointed. I mean, I can’t be extremely disappointed, because his albums drop like tears from the average Master Chef contestants eyes. But I think if he would make less songs he would be able to do more special things to them. I do not think Views is a bad album by the way, I just do not think it stands out like the others, which makes it less interesting for me to listen to.

So, how’s that Frank Ocean album coming along then? 😛

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