I drew strawberries on porcelain

I always love to experience new things, and that is one of the many reasons I like deal websites so much. I do not love Groupon because I buy their products: never! I love them because they point me in the right direction when it comes to fun things to do. Via Groupon I went on a pop art paint workshop, I have fed tigers, I did a cocktail shaking workshop, I will be doing a workshop blowing glass, and today I did a workshop painting on porcelain.

To be honest, I already did a paint-your-own-mug kinda workshop before, but this one specifically had my attention because the guy that gave the workshop does his own super cute cat design. Plus, the workshop was not old school painting like the other one I did, this one involved felt tipped pens, which I thought was a cool medium to use as the guy is a cartoonist himself. And again, I love his cat design, it is simple, cute and it stands out, amazing.

First I tried to do a copy of his cats (cause everything is copy, right? 😉 ), but I totally sucked at it. So that’s when I decided to draw strawberries on a plate. I still can’t get the eyes right (they have to be cuter), but at least it is a plate that makes me smile when I see it. Especially the fork I drew on it later, which I totally shouldn’t have. Then I made a little bowl with a design I made a painting of before (just to be clear: a painting that was only hanging in my own house, a very small silly one) with a palm tree on it and a lot of dots because I am not good at coloring stuff.

It was a really nice workshop, especially cause it was just very relaxed, and teacher Rob was super laid back, nice and helpful. He actually did something I have never dared to do until now: he kinda gave up his job in health care to start a career as a freelance illustrator, which is amazing, especially considering he is a self-taught illustrator. Very impressive. And he likes cats, so that made him a cool dude already.

Anyway, I had a nice time in Utrecht today because of it, even though I feel a bit stressed because I have a lot of articles to write, a lot of dinner dates planned and a house to clean up. Eeek! But first, I am going to enjoy the heck out of a cookie off of my strawberry plate (don’t worry, going to the gym again tomorrow, for the first time in years!). 😉

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