My goal for June: make at least 100 euros in sales

So I was planning on having a no spend June, but that was before I heard I was going to IFA in Berlin. Had to buy a plane ticket… Plus, a friend of mine is in a bit of trouble right now, so I wanted to surprise her with a box full of goodies. Maybe better next month, when it comes to no spending. What I can do, and I what I will do, is take some time this weekend and next week, to clean up my house and sell some stuff.

Actually, my goal is to make at least 100 euros by selling things. It should be doable, though I wonder if I will make it in time for the end of June, hihi, might be the end of summer. I want to try to minimize my stuff a little, as I have way too much that I do not use. Especially when it comes to clothing, though that also is the most difficult to sell online. I do still have some clothes with tags on it (I know!) and some Tommy Hilfigers that will probably be able to sell. The nice thing about selling stuff you do not really use, is that it does not matter too much what you get for it. Which is great, because you know what they say about Dutch people!

What does annoy me, is that it takes so long to put it all online, and then people are whining about 50 eurocents, hihi, sometimes it can be sooo annoying. But in the end it will all be worth it, cause 100 bucks is a plane ticket to Berlin. šŸ˜‰ I really miss traveling, especially as ze boyfriend is in Los Angeles right now, just like I did the past few years. On the one hand I now know what it is like up there, but that does not make it that much better. I actually miss it so much more because I know how super awesome it is…

So now, everytime I fill up another shopping cart in some web shop, I try to tell myself: this 50/100/150 euro does not seem much, but look at the bigger picture girl, it could be the start of a new adventure abroad! And so will selling my stuff be, hopefully! šŸ˜‰

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