TBT: Sense & Sensibility is better than Pride & Prejudice

This Throwback Thursday I am not doing a movie review, cause I will be going for a micro comparison between two classics: Sense & Sensibility and Pride & Prejudice. Both great romantic dramas, both based on novels by Jane Austen. Many years ago I saw Sense & Sensibility, without ever having watched Pride & Prejudice. Of course I heard about Pride & Prejudice, but for some reason I watched Sense & Sensibility first.

Last week I finally checked out Pride & Prejudice, but to be honest: it was a big letdown. Maybe it is because magazines write about it so much, because I know it is a classic, because the anticipation was too huge: I was not impressed. I did not really feel the drama and misery like I felt in Sense & Sensibility. I thought the key character was so easy about everything, she was a bit too laid back, it did not really fit, and because she was so okay with everything, I did not really get her pain. I also thought the men in her life weren’t all that..

Sense & Sensibility is quite the opposite, it is soo full of heartbreak, and Kate Winslet is so perfect for her role. I was very impressed with the costumes, the atmosphere and the movie really made a huge impact on me. I was a bit younger back then, I had not seen a lot of drama’s from that era yet… Who knows what happened if I did see Pride & Prejudice first? Maybe I had loved Kate Winslet less and Keira Knightley a lot more…

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