Banksy is everything art needed

So I was just watching the documentary Banksy Does New York, about this one month Banksy Bonanza in the big apple. Honestly I had not heard about this project until now, but I absolutely love it. I am very happy it got taped this way and that I could still experience the plenty art works there were. I am still not sure if we should see Banksy as one person, I am pretty sure it is a whole team, but it does not matter; as long as they keep doing their thing!

In the documentary (or report) there were all these people applauding his work and following his every move. Not just fans, but also people that are trying to make money off of it. And that is exactly what makes Banksy so freaking needed in the world: anything he/she/they do, immediately has its effect on the world (or at least a pretty large group of people). The ‘roadshow’ in New York brought up the discussion: is art in the public space someone’s property?

But even more, I love Banksy for the surprise element: anything can happen. I honestly feel that Banksy has a much bigger impact than an Andy Warhol ever could. Banksy makes art that is shown to anyone, but also, anything can happen. If there are a few guys asking money to take pictures of his art; did he hire them? I mean, who was driving that awesome animal truck with the stuffed animals in it?

I like how Banksy is criticizing so many things for such a good reason, while also being so mysterious about it, which makes it a bit creepy in a good way. It actually gets him exactly where I expect he wants to be: outside of our comfort zones. But at the same time, he might not want to do anything with it: cause art can be explained in a million different ways, and trying to write about him, even this piece, means you are trying to give meaning to something that you do not know anything about.

One of the big reasons I love Banksy so much, is that it is going against everything the art elite stands for. The art is so creative, no painter has ever been so original ever before. Plus, Banksy is fairly straightforward, instead of wrapping a message into five layers of paint, he makes them clear immediately, and often adds a few extra features to make the piece even more layered.

Banksy, whoever you are, whatever you are trying to do, no matter if we ever get our heads around it, you keep doing what you do, you are amazing.

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