Sarah Whitehouse is a lovely tattoo artist

I had to run to Salon Serpent, the tattoo parlor that I went to one week ago too, to get the cute sunset tattoo done by Keely Rutherford. Coincidentally two of my favorite tattoo artists came to the Netherlands just one week after one another, to the exact same parlor, which is very cool, but also pretty intense. Tattoos are never quite small, so they were costly. Thank god the holiday money came with my salary this month, so I had something to spend. Though seriously, the rest of the month will be no spend June.

Anyway. I had never met Sarah before, so I was curious what she would be like in real life. She was totally cool though, I kinda knew that because I had seen her talk about cats on Instagram before, and she does such cute tattoos, she just had to be adorable, but still, I was happy she was so nice. And I was even more happy about the design she did, cause it was exactly what I wanted!

I already sent her a picture of a cat tattoo she did, but then with some amendments made in Paintbrush, haha. It looked horrible, I was afraid she would not want me as a client anymore, for ruining her art like that, haha, but I needed to explain to her somehow which kind of cat I wanted, and that I wanted the animal to walk on a tightrope, which is a reference to my life anthem: Papa Roach’ song Tightrope.

The cool thing about her tattoos is that the design looks pretty plain, because it mostly is just an outline, and then she puts the outline on you, and then the magic happens, cause then she starts doing her amazing dotted work, which is actually not painful at all! I expected it to hurt like hell, but it did not hurt one bit. I would even say dotted work feels less painful than normal tattooing, but that would not be fair, as normal tattooing does not really hurt either. I still like the feeling, 90 percent of the time (the other 10 percent is when the artist goes over the outline while coloring, that is uncomfortable).

Anyway, her dotted work is so lovely and she really looks at the tattoo as if she is in love with it. She really wants to make a perfect tattoo, and she looks at her design with so much dedication, it is fantastic to look at. And I must say, she did it fairly quickly too! In little over an hour I was done, and I was so pleased with the result. It really is a somewhat sad/annoyed looking kitten walking on a tightrope. The cool thing is that I tweeted it to Papa Roach (the band), and they like the tweet! πŸ˜‰

I am absolutely in love with this tattoo, just like I am with my new Keely one. Both ladies are such artists in their own way, while both being lovely people, that are full of tattoos, piercings and catlove! πŸ˜‰ I am almost a bit sad to think about the fact that I will probably not be tattood by them soon, cause they are so nice. The detail they put in their tattoos, even though they aren’t lifelike tattoos, is exquisite, and it really feels like an honor to be walking around with a part of them forever!


    • Hihi, I envy you, I would love to get one of her space raccoons done. ❀ She is magnificent. What are you going to get? Enjoy! πŸ™‚


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