Amsterdam Tattoo Convention was tempting

You might think I am totally addicted to tattoos, reading this blog so swiftly after my Keely tatt, and just a few days before my Sarah Whitehouse piece, but it actually is a coincidence. Plus, miraculously I did not get any ink during the convention, so don’t worry! 😉

The reason I went to Amsterdam Tattoo Con is that my boyfriend is still looking for an artist to do his first tattoo. He is looking to get some mech done, but he simply cannot really find a person that he feels comfortable with, or that can do the specific style he is looking for. Unfortunately he still has not found anyone, but it was still pretty nice to go to Amsterdam Tattoo Convention.

I however, found like 4 artists I would love to be tattood by. One of them was Inkbyrobyn (but MissAcidDoll is pretty awesome too!) that definitely has a very modern style that I love. Too bad I did not have any budget, because the raccoon tattoo example she had there was amazing. You should check out my Instagram for it. She was very nice, she really was very much into explaining her work, even though she was working on a big piece on someone. She does some very cartoony things, but also very neat ones with abstract shapes, really amazing.

So, if you have never been to a tattoo convention, you might feel a bit like a lost sheep. Especially if you do not have any tatts to rock, you might feel a bit left out! Don’t! But please try to do some research before visiting a show, cause if you know which artists will be visiting the convention, you might want to check out their work and try to get an appointment to see what they can do for you.

As my boyfriend did not do that properly (and to be honest, he did contact three guys but they did not respond), he was a bit lost I think. There are so many artists there, but most of them are busy working on other people. It is nice to go through their books though, and see what they are about. It is a lot of fun looking at other people getting tattoos. Boyfriend got a bit afraid it seemed, as he kept on saying: people do not really seem to enjoy getting tattooed, right? I disagreed, but I must say I would be a bit more uncomfortable at a busy place like that too, not because of the tattoo, but because of the odd way you might be sitting (or laying) in.

Anyway, I am a bit disappointed that the boyfriend still did not really get very far with his first tattoo, but obviously it is his choice and I am not going to force him into doing anything he does not want. He does not allow me to anyway 😉 Please find below some fun photos of the convention!

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