New tatt! Keely Rutherford is a rockstar

I have mentioned before I was going to get a fresh tattoo and looky look! What is fresher than a nice piece of pineapple from a tropical island? I am so happy Keely did this piece on me, at Salon Serpent in Amsterdam a few days ago. To be honest, at first I had no idea where my tattoo was going to be placed, but together we came to an awesome location for this meaningful pineapple.

Keely Rutherford

I knew I wanted a tattoo to represent my passion for travel. I really work so I can make awesome trips, and I really plan on doing another no spend June to hopefully pay for a trip to India next year (yayyy, can’t wait! And because tattoos are expensive people, if you get them done by the right artists). I also loved Keely’s palm trees and sunsets, which makes up for a very colorful and tropical tattoo. As I wanted travel to be represented, and I am not a person to just be laying on the beach, I asked her to put a little suitcase in the tatt too.

Curious about the result? Here it is!


As you can see it is a pineapple with a picture instead of the yellow juicy part. I think it is a very fun design and it fits perfectly on the back of my leg. It is quite big (it always is), but that does mean that the suitcase really looks like a suitcase with all these little details on it, super awesome. Looking at it now, I am not sure what I love most about the tattoo: I think the leaves of the pineapple are really special. The thing is: when Keely showed me her design (a few minutes before she was starting tattooing, hihi), she only shows the outline, so I never really know what she is going to do about the color.

Sweet sunset tattoo

Well, she did an awesome job with the color and the shades on the leaves. It really looks like pineapple leaves, and it makes it a bit more 3D this way, which is sweet! I also really love the sunset colors, Keely was very happy that she has found a color called Tequila Sunrise, as it is the perfect color between the orange and the pink of a sunset. I think the way the color blends is great! And the palm trees are super cute too, they fit very well with the pineapple leaves (I am glad Keely told me it was not a good idea to make the leaves more like stick figures), and then the beach with the sea rolling in, and that big suitcase full of travel stuff washing up. Ooh I adore it! At first I did not want the black outline, but I am glad I asked her to do it, cause I think it would have been less pineapple-esque without the extra outline.

Keely is a wonderful artist, but also a great person. She seems very real to me, she loves a lot of the same things (cats, Beauty and the Beast, tattoos, England, 😉 ) and she is just a warm personality. She knew right away who I was again (she did the Beauty and the Beast tattoo on my back too) and I really save my back for another piece by her, in a few years. She is such a cute woman, I love 95 percent of her designs and she has such a steady hand at tattooing, being a total sweetheart asking how you are doing, all the time.

I really love my new tattoo, and I can’t wait to show it off, Keely Rutherford is a talent, and I have never seen any tattoo artist like her. I feel very lucky to have two amazing tattoos by her, that also fit my personality so well. Now it is time to let it heal as perfectly as possible, and send Keely a new picture of it and a lot of emoticons showing love, cause she did a great job, and I would trust her with anything. Thanks Keely! 🙂

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