Nashville made me appreciate country music

The reason I started watching Nashville, is because it kept on coming back on the best sold music albums on Amazon. I was like: what is up with this show?! Especially when I saw Hayden Panettiere on the Graham Norton show one day, and mesmerized by her gorgeous smile I decided to finally check it out.

The reason I hadn’t done that yet, even though I had seen that the show was on Netflix before that, was that it had so much country in it. I mean, Nashville is the capital of country music, so if you do not appreciate cowboy hats and guitar songs about feelings, then you will probably not have a visit to the city on your bucket list. And because Nashville is so country, it does not really get a lot of attention in countries outside of America. (haha, the word country is getting confusing now).

Nashville: Country or pop music?

Though I bet people that love line-dancing and the music that comes along with it would probably hate Nashville because it makes country music too much like pop music, and the show is very much like a soap series, including unplanned pregnancies, coma’s and a very small group of people that have all kissed each other one way or the other. Lots of drama in Nashville, mixed with country music, which is something that I would usually not feel very drawn towards, but I am glad Amazon and Ms. Panettiere sucked me in anyway.

I bingewatched all four seasons in a row, which is 84 episodes, and I loved almost every minute of it. I would still not put on country music, but I kinda enjoyed most songs within the show. They fit in the events that happen in the episode en they are short enough to stay interesting. The show, by showrunner Callie Khouri (one of the people behind Thelma & Louise, so a freakin heroine!) , is cool because it tells the story of multiple generations in the modern world. I think it could be a little bit more down to earth than it is now, but it is definitely more ‘worldly’ than the Bold and the Beautiful, for example.

Honestly though, the reason I love watching it, it because I think Hayden and Connie Britton are queens. They look amazing, they have vibrant personalities and they are simply so entertaining! Though I feel more connected to the younger Juliette (played by Hayden) that is not a mom yet in the beginning of the show, I think Rayna (Connies character) does make some interesting decisions on the show that I would have probably made too.

Hayden Panettiere is amazing

Even though I still do not listen to country music on Spotify, I enjoy listening to the poppy country songs in Nashville. Just like Empire, I appreciate the trouble the makers of this show went through, cause it is not just thinking about acting and stories, it is also recording songs, writing songs and getting the actors to not just sing them, but also perform them (and lipsync, which is a skill too). I think it is too bad the series is kept very American, meaning it did not get a lot of marketing money in other countries, cause it is a very entertaining show, really!

Unfortunately the show has now come to an end, which is very sad to me. I always start watching a show the moment that the last season is announced: Downton Abbey, Girls.. It sucks! Though I feel Nashville could have done with one more season, cause there was still a lot to tell, the series have had a lot of drama over the years, so I am glad the kids are alright now 😉 I hope we will see Hayden Panettiere in an awesome new series soon, not just because she has been struggling with herself lately, but also because she has an amazing glow about her that keeps her wildly fascinating to watch.

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