Turtles in Time: such good memories

Tomorrow there is a new Turtles-game releasing, of which I am not particularly excited, though I must say it definitely does not look bad. I guess the latest Turtles movie messed up my memory of those awesome superheroes a bit. I used to be a huge Michelangelo fangirl, my brother always thought that was super lame, but I thought the other ones were all acting so wise and tough, I liked Mikey. Plus, nunchucks, right?!

No Michael Jackson in Turtles?

I remember one day when I was supposed to go and see Jungle Book, and my brother was visiting the same cinema to check out the new Turtles live action movie, there were no tickets left for Jungle Book so my mom dropped me in the cinema with my brother. First I was stressing out about not having a ticket, but then I realised there was something else to be afraid of: it was a movie for tough guys and I was just a little girl!

Until this day I am still impressed by the movie, whenever I see it. To be honest, I still believe Michael Jackson was in there playing Shredder, even though IMDB tells me he didn’t. It think I was so convinced it was Michael Jackson because when I was a super little girl, so in my pre – Spice Girls life, I was a fan of Michael Jackson. It is written in any friend book of anyone in my class. Funny, cause I was never quite sure what gender Michael Jackson was. I would sometimes refer to him and sometimes to her, and I think older people thought it was weird, but I seriously was not sure what gender he was and I did not mind it. Ha, I was open minded about gender at a very young age I guess.

Turtles in Time rocked my world

Anyway, the teenage mutant hero turtles, or teenage mutant ninja turtles, depending on in which area on the earth you grew up, was something I thought was very cool. My brother, who is 6 years older, thought it was cool, so I was pretty impressed. The series on television was fun, the movie was a bit scary and hard to follow for me back then, and we had super cool figures of the Turtles. There was one thing though, that really lit my Turtle fire, if you will: the video game Turtles in Time. First of all, I thought the presentation of it was extremely cool, how you would walk in some kind of semi-2D/3D world, in which you could walk in the front and in the back.

First it was an arcade game, but I am talking about the time it released on Super Nintendo. My brother and I played it a few times, but he was sick of me pretty quickly, so thankfully I could play it at my neighbor’s house, where they had a kid the same age as I was. I really liked to kick those Foot Soldiers asses, to get the pizza and hear the Turtles yell out Turtle-stuff and to fight with Bebop and Rocksteady, and the weird pink thingie in the robotic aquarium, it was all so impressive to me!

I would still love that game if I would get my hands on it, I am sure. I really like the remake too, that was released a couple of years ago. But, there is nothing greater than the original Turtles in Time. Cowabunga!

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