Review: Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

I am so slow you guys, I am still enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas Lush products. Only two more to go after this one though. (insert sad smiley here 😉 ) One of the cutest items in the box I have saved until now, and that is the Dashing Santa Bath Bomb, an adorable bath bomb shaped like Santa with a bag full of presents on his back.


It is a big crumbly, so when you hold in your hands there is all this Santa dust on your fingers. Better throw it in the bath quickly! It dissolves very swiftly, so before you know it there is nothing left of Santa! He does turn the bath pretty red, which might look like you’ve killed a person in your bathtub, but the water does smell very nice. It is not the strongest scent ever, but it is a pretty mild mandarin smell, thanks to the mandarin oil in the bath bomb.


Though the little paper promises glitter, I did not really see that in the red bathwater. There might have been a little glitter, but I have seen Lush products that were way more glittery. So I gotta say, the Lush Dashing Santa Bath Bomb was a slight disappointment. Afterwards though, the scent sticks and my skin felt very soft, but it would have been more awesome if the bath experience itself was a bit more interesting than just being in a bloody red bath..


So if you have the 12  Days of Christmas box, you’d better put that Santa on a cute spot in your bathroom, where you can look at it, cause it definitely looks a lot nicer than it actually is. The design is really awesome, and I still recommend this bath bomb over the boring round ones like the avobath, but I would have liked to see a little bit more glitter, it is Santa after all!

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