Streep: painfully cute in Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins is a very cool movie. I went to see it with my mom during a ‘Ladies Night’ at our local cinema, which was lovely. It was not the best Ladies Night ever, cause there were dancers at the Magic Mike XXL one and usually they have this fun raffle that was a bit boring due to the fun guy being on holiday. Though usually Ladies Night is fully sold out (during Magic Mike XXL actually all cinemas were sold out, so that’s 13 rooms full of crazy ladies 😉 ). However this time it was not sold out, and the audience was very different from the 20/30-somethings that are usually there.

This time it was more 30-60 year olds, so it was a good call to bring my mom this time. She had a very good time. She is in a choir so the topic of Florence Foster Jenkins suited her well. Florence Foster Jenkins was a lady that had a lot of money, and she was very much into cultural stuff. She had a bit of a prick of a husband, but he was also kind of sweet, because everytime she would have the idea to perform, she would always do a horrible job, but he would make sure that the audience was applauding her.

So in the movie Florence Foster Jenkins is played by Meryl Streep, the husband is the ever so charming Hugh Grant and then there is the pianist that supports her, played by Simon Helberg. The fun in that is that the pianist kinda has the same role as the audience, cause as soon as Mrs Jenkins starts to sing, a new hobby of hers, it sounds so horrible that the pianist has to do his best not to laugh out loud. His emotions are very much the same as the people in the audience, which is fun.

It is so amazing how Meryl Streep sings so off tune, it is really not an easy thing to do. And it is hilarious too, she looks so amazing while doing it, and yet it is so ridiculously extravagant, a lovely flick to watch. My mom was laughing out loud the whole time, she had a blast.

But, though there is a lot to laugh about, it actually presents a very sad story too, as Mrs. Jenkins is terribly ill and then there is her husband that is not entirely devoted to her. That difference between funny and sad is portrayed pretty well in the movie, and that is also what makes it so enjoyable; it is not just for laughs, this is a real story about a real person, and it was pretty much a tragedy, but a very charming one at that!

Though I would not want to watch this movie on a date night, Florence Foster Jenkins is a very lovely flick to watch together with your mom. Or alone, that is fine too of course! 🙂


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