What to do with seats at a concert?

In a month from now I will be going to the Beyonce concert in Amsterdam, super excited, especially as I am going with a very dear friend. Thankfully we have tickets in the ‘stand’ area, so we do not have to hassle with seats. However, when I went to the 20/20 tour by Justin Timberlake in 2012 (or was it 2013?), I did have an issue with those seats. What the heck do you do with them?

I have had this conversation many times at birthdays: what does one do with seats at a concert? You might want to say: well, seats are for sitting, aren’t they? Well, at a concert, that is a tricky one. Obviously there are people that need to sit down at a concert, because they get tired very quickly, or because they think the standing crowd is too intense. But, there are also many people who get seats because they simply could no longer get standing tickets anymore.

The result of that is that the people that actually wanted tickets in the field, so to speak, end up standing up out of their seats as soon as the artist comes up. And they just keep standing, dancing and doing their thing until the end of the concert, which really bothers the people behind them that do want to sit. Many times I have noticed people get into fights or they simply can’t enjoy the concert, due to this annoying difference in visitors.

Honestly, I do not mind standing or sitting, I usually wait for the people around me and I just adjust to what they do, but it is interesting how this always seems to be an issue. That was a bit different at the Justin concert though, I was so happy the people in front of me just stayed in their seats, as first of all I just got my first Keely Rutherford tattoo and it was only a couple of hours fresh, so I did not feel like moving too much to make sure the healing process went as perfect as can be. Secondly, do you know how steep the O2 in London is? It is crazy.

While typing this I have thought about a solution to this problem, but I don’t think there is one. You might consider making some fields with seats for ‘standing’ people, but then: why are they not in the field to stand? It is a tricky one! But for now, I just keep on being flexible, cause I really can imagine being on both sides of this. When I went to the concert of the Spice Girls when I was little, I was such a huge fan that I was puking all the way to the venue (and it was far, let me tell ya), and during the concert I just wanted to sit down because my stomach was all messed up. But we had field tickets, ha!

I still hold fond memories to this concert though, not just because of being sick, but because they were my heroines back then, no matter if Victoria actually sung live or not! 😉

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