The most used stock photo chick of all

This is going to be interesting to write, cause when I decided to blog about this topic, I immediately realized that I can’t use any of her pictures due to copyright. I try to be very cautious about using pictures that I have not made myself, which is why I always use commercial photos of movies or in this instance, a rights free picture of someone else, hihi.

So the girl I am going to write about in this blog, is actually not the girl that is on the picture. But I am pretty sure that if I explain to you what she looks like, you will start seeing her everywhere! Plus, I just realised that I can link to a photo of her, so haha, that might be even easier. So THIS is the girl I wanted to speak to you about. The most used stock photo model of all time. I think she must be a millionaire by now, as she is everywhere.

I think she is awesome by the way, don’t get me wrong. She has a very genuine smile and her race is very interesting. Now, I do not mean this in a racist way, though I am speaking about her race, but she has a little bit of many races in one. She has a bit of an Asian look, but then again, she is pretty caucasian skinned, and then there is her gorgeous mouth that seems to be a more African-American feature. It is so amazing how she kind of represents many races in this world, while still being white, which unfortunately is a big plus if you are a stock model, as usually they are white, even in countries like Vietnam, where white people are a huge minority.

So in that sense she does not really represent all races in the world, and obviously that would not really be possible, and I would love to see more stock models from different races, but if I was a company, I would probably also pick her for my photos (if she was not everywhere already 😉 ), cause she speaks to more people than just the avarage blond caucasian model. I really love her happy look too, not many people can pull that off in the many weird places she has had to make pictures, hihi.

Her name is Ariane by the way, and there is even a Facebook fan page for people that see her everywhere too 🙂  And even though some people say her smile is disproportionate (I think it is amazing, everyone should have a smile like that), she has an Instagram herself that is called SuperSmilyAriane. I have just learned from the internet that she has a French-Canadian dad and a Chinese mom, well done! I think it is funny to see her, even though she starts to feel a bit like a famous person that should definitely not be used in presidential campaigns (like she has been so many times, with Obama, Bernie, et cetera, hihi). I really wonder if she gets money every time her photo is used, or if she just got a one time pile of money for the shoot and that’s it. No matter what, I think she seems like a lovely person. You go girl!

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