The Angry Birds Movie was awful

Many people might think animated movies are for kids only, that is actually quite untrue. The best animated movies are the ones that are stuffed with pop culture references or quirky jokes that only adults will understand quick enough. I am pretty sure all Pixar movies have this element and Dreamworks is getting better at it too, but sometimes new studios are standing up and they usually take some time to understand this concept.

The best example I can think of right now, because I literally just saw the movie two hours ago, is The Angry Birds Movie. It is made by Sony and ROVIO, and it evolves around the cartoony birds you get to catapult everywhere in the mobile game Angry Birds. The movie tells the story about this bird Red who has to take an anger management course, but when his bird city is having pig visitors over like an alien invasion, he seems to be the only one noticing the danger that is upon his people. I will not spoil anything; not that I want you to go and see it, but it is tricky to explain it all in a short blog 😉

First of all I think it is very brave of Sony and ROVIO to take up a big project like an animated movie like that. Both studios have little to no experience in this field of expertise and I must say, they did an excellent job on the animation. Visually speaking, the movie is pretty flawless. The way they translated the 2D-birds from the game into these three-dimensional characters (both literally and figuratively) is very impressive. The baby birds especially look so real and cuddly that you simply feel like holding a stuffed animal to deal with the cuddle urges you will get.

The rest is pretty bad though, I mean, you could expect it from a movie that is based on a simplistic video game like Angry Birds, but the trailer was actually pretty okay. Too bad the movie does not really offer the same jokes as the trailer, cause the humor in the flick is very childish. If you are a child or you have the brain of a child you will probably enjoy it a lot. A couple sitting next to us in the cinema were totally laughing out loud all the time.

I must admit I never laugh out loud, or hardly at least, when watching comedy. Mostly when I do laugh out loud it is more out of a social angle, cause I simply laugh in my head and not really out loud. I used to appreciate the jokes in Tom and Jerry cartoons in the exact same silent way, while my brother was sometimes literally rolling on the floor laughing. This time though, I was not laughing at all. No laughing out loud, no laughing in my head, not even a smile (alright, the little chicks were cute, but that was just too easy hihi).

There was nothing to laugh about, only for the kids in the cinema, if you ask me. The jokes were super predictable and even the musical bits were simply uninspired. The music choice was predictable and bad, the jokes were of a level that just made my boyfriend and I look at each other like: what the heck?! He even fell asleep at one point, and I even envied him for it, because the movie really was not our thing.

Again, for kids this movie is great, the birds look funny and they do silly things, so it will be a big hit amongst children. It is just too bad the studio forgot about all those parents, and all those film snobs that actually appreciate a good animated flick 😉

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