I’m getting new ink soon!

So it will not be long anymore until I get some new ink! I have mentioned before that I will see Keely Rutherford soon for a new tatt, but there is another artist I will meet, and it is crazy close to my other new tattoo, but I just want to grab my chance while I can.

Sarah Whitehouse is an artist from Redmond studio in Manchester and I am super excited about meeting her and getting her dotted style on my leg. I want to go for a little cat with an outfit on, that is walking a tightrope, holding his paws up like he (or she) is a clock just to balance. I think it is an absolute must to have personal tattoos that mean something, and this tattoo is actually a bit of a double meaning.

On the one hand it will be a cat so it will represent the fact that I am a little cat lady. Or let’s have it a bit more broad: that I love animals. And it will be a tightrope which is connected to my life anthem, which is Tightrope, the song by Papa Roach. Even though I am not a fan of their latest cd, almost all songs of Papa Roach are very relatable, and tightrope is so much about being in an f-ed up internet generation, walking the line between good and evil. That resembles my black and white kind of thinking too, so eventually this really is a very meaningful tattoo.

I already drew a very ugly version of what I am looking for in the tattoo, so I am very curious what the actual result will be when Sarah does her magic. The tough thing is that I have already got two new tattoo ideas (especially as the one that I will get by Keely will be a different one than I originally planned), so the year 2016 might be the year that I get four tattoos, instead of the cute little one every few years that I have done until now. We will see though, if my finances will allow me to, cause there might be some changes to that this year! To be continued, obviously 😉

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