PsychoUnicorns Ultimate Travel List

I wrote a very long blog about love and a few things that are on my mind, but I don’t dare to post it, so I won’t. Instead, I want to speak about stuff that is more positive: holidays! I loooove traveling, and I know that is a very cliche thing to say, but I am pretty serious about my travel. I see travel as the thing you go to work for too many days a year 😉 They are little gifts you give yourself, to experience the amazing stuff that is happening all around the world.

My boyfriend often says he likes my vibe when I am on holiday, cause usually I am truly happy, relaxed and in a super good mood. I feel so inspired when traveling, that I instantly get twinkly eyes when I step into an airplane. Even when it is just for work, I get super excited about flying somewhere, going to a place that is not The Netherlands. Not that I dislike my country so much, but I exploring, traveling and having new experiences is just sooo much better.

So, as I often dream away and think about all the super awesome places I still need to travel to, I have decided to make a list:

  1. Japan
    This is my number one place I want to travel to. I want to experience the craziness of Tokyo, I want to see the Japanese scenery, I want to see if Japanese people really are so polite, I want to go to an arcade, I want to smell the air, and I want to visit Disneyland Tokyo.
  2. Hong Kong
    Though I have traveled to China, I have never been to Hong Kong. I would love to go there, cause I hear many great stories about it and I am very interested in the culture clash (or cultural togetherness) that we can find in Hong Kong. And, I want to visit Disneyland Hong Kong.
  3. Puerto Rico
    An island filled with animals, Puerto Rico is starting to be very trendy, but I still need to go there. I hear so many amazing stories about it, and even though it is an expensive trip, I would not want to miss it. Plus, I am not too fond of South America (don’t know why, never been there!) so this seems like a good compromise I guess.
  4. Australia
    It is very high on my list, especially to go here with my mom. My mom was supposed to move to Australia when she was eighteen years old, but just before she and her boyfriend left, they broke up (I think). The weirdest part of the story is that my mom had and has never traveled to Australia ever. This is really something that is on both our bucket lists, to spot Joey’s on the beautiful other side of the planet.
  5. Moscou/St Petersburg
    I am so curious about these cities, cause I tend to think about them like Berlin, but I do not expect as much creative freedom. I really wonder what life is like in Moscou.
  6. Egypt
    I am not sure how safe it is to travel to Egypt right now, but I really want to have seen a pyramid in real life. And I want to ride a camel at least once in my life, in the Egyptian desert, which I wanted to do since I was 8 years old, and I still did not succeed!
  7. The deep south
    I LOVE America, and I have been to New York when I was little, and to Los Angeles twice the past few years. I have seen Las Vegas in a few days and I have been to Disney World in Orlando. One place I have not been yet (there are many though!) is Louisiana/South Carolina. I would love to see New Orleans, and that area, it sounds amazing, and I think there is a lot to learn about that America still.There are many more places I’d love to go, but for now this is my top list. Currently I have no trips planned, except for a trip to a London film festival. And the fact that I have nothing planned now, makes me a bit impatient, makes me dream away and think about all those trips I still want to do, but I really gotta save money right now, so no holiday planning. 😦 Stay strong, PsychoUnicorn, you can do it! 😉

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