The bathtub scene in Girls s02e04 is amazing

So since I have HBO, -I know, I can’t shut up about it-, I am very excited about Girls. I had bought the subscription for Game of Thrones, but I actually enjoy Girls so much more. I was looking forward to watching it, because I have read a lot about Girls on Jezebel, but I am so happy that it actually is way more cool, awesome and fantastic than I could ever imagine.

Lena Dunham, the girl behind Girls, is an amazing person, an amazing actress and a very funny chick. What I love the most about the show though, is how real it is. It is such a perfect way of portraying the modern world of women. The dialogues resemble the way I love to talk too, and it is just impressive how it is all coming together. I think, after I am done with all seasons, I might watch it all again, cause there is so much to discover!

As I am only in the second season now, I wanted to point out a scene that I specifically found very impressive. As I was balling my eyes out myself last night, it probably spoke to me even more than it would usually do, but it was so honest, and beautiful, and real. It showed me a totally different side to a character that I do not actually love: Jessa. Her accent is pretty cute, but she is so crazy, she must be so tired of being herself all day.

And I guess the bathtub scene showed that she was so tired of it too. Even though I feel that Hannah and I have way more in common (being pretty outspoken, not being skinny, having a lot of personal tattoos, being up for anything, at least, I like to think I am like that too), but then I realized for that little moment that Jessa actually was so tired of having to keep up appearances all the time, and that is pretty much how I feel right now too. Just being so tired of it all, just wanting an end to a situation you are in. A happy one, if possible.

This might sound all a bit too dramatic, but that scene in the bathtub was simply amazing. So Hannah was sitting there, singing the very appropriate “Wonderwall” by Oasis, and then Jessa came in, sat with her in the bathtub and started crying in the most authentic way I have ever seen someone cry on television. They really took the time for it, which is partly what made this scene so powerful. And then Hannah is there, being totally adorable to her, and then they make fun together and show that perfect bond that women are capable of having. This sounds a bit too sisterhoody, but it really is a breathtakingly beautiful scene that you should watch. Simply perfect.

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