Holland is hot and sweaty like summer

In The Netherlands the temperature was 6 degrees Celcius last week. It was cold. I took the train to work instead of going cycling, and people were complaining that it was actually colder than Christmas. I enjoy the cold very much, so I was listening to my fave Xmas jam Driving Home For Christmas, being happy every time I heard hail against the windows.

But, then this week started, and it was hot. At first it was like springtime hot, so I enjoyed riding my bicycle to work again, but the past few days have been gruesomely hot. My boyfriend’s parents were staying on this campsite, so we were asked to join them. Thankfully they had a little house instead of just a tent, so it was luxury camping.

I must say, I was not looking forward to it too much, as it was hot, it is always a bit busy with the five grandkids around and emotionally I am just in a state of wanting to be home, watching HBO and blogging, instead of talking to people. I am just tired.

I know this makes me sound like a horrible person, as my life is pretty perfect right now and I do not have kids to worry about. I know my problems are really nothing compared to anyone else’s, but that is simply the way I felt before going there. I should also mention that the train ride there takes three hours, and then to go back three hours again, which usually is a big time waster and the Dutch trains can be extremely hot, and full, and sticky, brr!

Anyway, as always I made a super big deal out of it in my head, cause in the end it was a lovely weekend. It was hot, but when your mind is set to that heat, you can enjoy it. I did have some trouble relaxing, but today by the pool I finally did. I was reading the Wallflower at an Orgy book by Nora Ephron, the kids were playing around and giving me sweet attention in a very cute way, and I was really enjoying the company.

I am pretty lucky with the in-laws. Even though there are always things that they do that I would do differently, they are very sweet people and they are not pushy or annoying, they are always nice to hang around with. We have even spent our New Year’s Eve there, and we had a pretty good time. They know about the issues that are currently at play though, so may be that is also why they were extra adorable to me, hi hi, who knows?

Do I feel bad about feeling bad beforehand? Yes I do, because everything I was dreading, was totally fine. I mean, I was not dreading the people of course, just all the other circumstances. Even the train ride was pretty successful; we watched two full movies (Suffragette was a disappointment, but Only Lovers Left Alive was cool, especially the last scene, Tilda Swinton is adorable in it). It is good to spend time with family and friends, even though it takes a lot of energy, it also brings another kind of energy, which is love.

You even feel it when you are standing in the elevator and talking to someone you don’t know, just little pieces of love, attention and most of all: connection. This sounds all very sappy, but it is true. Though I must say, this evening, disconnecting again while watching Serena on HBO, having a long shower, a hot tea and having a cat sleeping next to me while blogging, is still okay too ;)hough now the hotness gets to me, I see mosquito’s coming my way… Argh!

Though now the hotness gets to me, I see mosquito’s coming my way… Argh!

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