TV Shows for Max Payne fans

If you are attracted to mobsters, you should read my article of yesterday, but if you are into shows about drugs, I know plenty! If you are a fan of video games like Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and Narc, you will leave at least one of this series:

In this Netflix show the ruthless drug lord Pablo Escobar is the key person. Narcos is based on a true story and knowing that, it makes the show so much crazier. There is already a second season in the makes, cause after Breaking Bad the world obviously needs a new, super thrilling drugs show.

Breaking Bad
This show is labeled the best show ever by many television freaks, so it certainly has made an impression. Not only because the crazy father from Malcolm in the Middle, Bryan Cranston, shows himself from a totally different side, but also because it is so well written. The first episode, in which we are introduced to Walter White, a professor with cancer, is totally insane. Though the show knows a lot of dead serious moments, the black humor is there throughout the whole series until the end.

If you thought Breaking Bad was crazy, wait until you have watched Wilfred. Wilfred is about a young guy (Elijah Wood) doing a lot of drugs, which makes him delusional. He sees the dog of the neighbour as a human being in a dog costume (played by the Australian Jason Gann). Super weird and definitely not for everybody, but if you can appreciate it, you will be granted four seasons of fun.

That 70’s Show
Haha, it is a bit far fetched, but any excuse to put the gorgeous Laura Prepon as the header, I take it! In eight seasons you learn about the lives of a few teens in the 70’s. The That 70’s Show made Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher famous. It is a show with a very catchy intro song and fun end scenes that usually show our teens smoking pot in a circle.


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