Review: Johnny Doodle – Fudge & Brownie

It is time for another chocolate review! I thought about doing a makeup review, but I was not sure about that, so let’s go with chocolate, cause chocolate is always good. And I have a new bar to review. The brand is called Johnny Doodle and it is Dutch: from Rotterdam to be exact. According to their website it is straight forward, self-made chocolate by an entrepreneur by heart and a real candy lover. Sounds good right?

Well, I must say that Johnny Doodle disappointed me a little bit. I love brownies, I love fudge and I love chocolate, so I thought this would be a match made in heaven. The little fudgey things I know from something that I can’t remember right now for some reason (even asking the boyfriend does not help.), but in that product I always try to be left over with the fudgey things and then I eat them all at once, so yummy!


In this Milk Chocolate Fudge & Brownie bar they are still as lovely, but then surrounded by chocolate: lovely! So it is not that which makes me disappointed; it’s the brownie bits. They are so dry and tough, they do not really represent the brownie as good as I would have wanted them to. I like my brownies moist and soft, not hard as a rock; not just because fluffy stuff is nice to eat, but also because there is more flavour to it that way. I missed that flavour in these small brownies. Even though they do look nice together, I think this bar would be better off without the brownie bits.

The chocolate itself is nice, but it is not extremely special. It does not have a very specific own taste like for example Cote D’Or; it is pretty good chocolate, but it is kind of standard. What is very remarkable though, is the wrapping of the bar. The wrapper kinda screams at you, and then there is the way it is the other way around; folded on the front. I thought that was a very original way of wrapping the chocolate bar, and it makes you recognize a Johnny Doodle bar very easily (though the design of the packaging helps a lot with that too).


Even though this bar does not make me insanely happy, it is still pretty good. Plus, I should not be too hard on Johnny Doodle, cause it is only around 3 euros a bar and that is very cheap. I think it is comparable to Tony Chocolonely. It bothy  is nice chocolate that tries to be different by adding interesting flavours to it: salty caramel, strawberry, and this fudge and brownie for example.

like it, but you do notice it is supermarket chocolate. It is very good supermarket chocolate though, so if you are searching for chocolate in this range, definitely go for either of the two. But if you have a little bit more to spend; after a few bars it does get a bit ‘old’ swiftly so you might want to go for a bit more expensive chocolate. But, maybe I should try more different flavours, that will not bore me as swiftly as this one did. 


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