TV Shows for Mafia fans

Video games and tv shows go together so well! I thought it’d be fun to make a list of video game shows you might love when you like a certain type of video game. Today I’d like to focus on the fans of the mob.


The mobster
If you are attracted to games like Mafia and Sleeping Dogs, because they have this super exciting mafia atmosphere that is so familiar thanks to The Godfather and Goodfellas, then there are a lot of shows for you to watch:The Sopranos
In the six seasons of The Sopranos you can see actors like James Gandolfini, Lorraine Bracco and Edie Falco playing amazing roles. The show is about the personal life of mobster Tony Soprano. It is an amazing show with an excellent script, an amazing anti-hero and a great cast.

Sons of Anarchy
It might not totally fit your picture of gangster life; Sons of Anarchy tells the story about motor gangs that have smaller gangs in all kinds of places. Although the serie has its ups and downs in its seven seasons, it does offer and interesting insight into the life of motor gangs. Though the show is about Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller (Charlie Hunnam), it is Katey Sagal in the role of mother Gemma Teller Morrow that really steals the show. The series is addictive because of the balance between good and evil, the shocking murder and the script in which you are never sure of what will happen next.

Boardwalk Empire
In this show for five seasons you follow the mobster life of Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi), who profits from the prohibition by importing alcohol illigally. The fact that it happens in the twenties, makes this show a perfect insight in that Great Gatsby-esque day and age. It is made by Terence Winter with help from Martin Scorsese, an amazing duo that puts down an amazing epic with a lot of unexpected developments.

A show that shows the mobster world from a totally different angle is Lilyhammer. In this Norwegian tv series the key character “The Fixer” is played by Steven van Zandt. He is a mobster that moves to Lillehammer to build a new life. He has to, cause he is in a witness protection plan after sharing very sensitive information with the authorities. Lilyhammer is an interesting show that does not have the quality of the series I just mentioned, but it does come with a very original angle.


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