I am obsessed with Nora Ephron

My life was not complete until now. I was not aware of who Nora Ephron was and I should be ashamed. Not just because she is an amazing woman who everybody should worship, but also because I do not get the chance to experience new stuff from her, as she is no longer with us. As I can no longer tweet her how amazing she is, I thought, let’s inspire you guys to love her too!

You might wonder who Nora Ephron is. I am not judging, as I did not know before today who she was either. Nora Ephron is a writer. She started off writing editorials, books, but then screenplays and later she moved on to being a director. She often is described as a feminist, but no matter what you call her: she was a woman who knew what she wanted, who she was and more importantly: she fought herself all the way to the directors chair, she made a name for herself and she did not owe anyone: it was all her own work.

What I think is so amazing about Nora Ephron, is how she wrote the female dialogue. So witty, so realistic, and so funny. ‘Her’ women are so charming. And on the other hand her books apparently are very honest. Some people might say too honest, as she could be brutally real about her own problems, but I really want to read them very badly, I think they will probably be very inspiring. Her career is a career that I would love, though I would stick with the journalism a bit longer and I am still afraid I am not patient enough to write a book, but there is so much I can learn from her, I am sure.

The reason why I want to consume everything Nora Ephron has ever made, and why I learned about her, is the documentary Everything is Copy (I know right, I am considering getting it tattooed already!?). Thanks to the amazing presence of HBO in my home (since last week: yeah Game of Thrones) I got to see the documentary, made by Nora’s son Jacob Bernstein. It was so inspiring listening to famous actresses citing her work and to see how she used to carry herself. It seems so amazing to me to be so sure about yourself, and if you are able to write all of your own stuff and be loved for it. She just seemed so real…

When I look at her movie list on IMDB, I see that I have seen a lot of her films already: You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle and Julie & Julia. They are all movies that I absolutely love. The Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan combination, Meryl Streep; Ephron pretty much (re?)invented the rom-com and she made women in her movies such loveable characters. It makes me a bit sad that I will never be able to tell her how much I appreciate what she did, how much I look up to her, even if it would have been with a tweet she probably would not have read, it would still feel nice to have said it to this amazing woman.

One comment

  1. “Nora was an era. We pictured ourselves inside her dreams and they became ours. All wisdom, wit and sparkle lights, what a treat she was, what a blessing. I marvel again and again, what a life… To have created a simple happiness in people, to have added to the sum of delight in the world.”
    — Meg Ryan


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