I want to be Jess from New Girl

New Girl is one of my favorite sitcoms, together with Modern Family. Long before this show started (in 2011, can you believe it has been that long!?) my boyfriend and I already loved Zooey Deschanel (he loved her a little bit more than I did, as he has a thing for brunettes, it’s weird!). I loved her work on the amazing Winnie the Pooh movie and she was totally adorable in (500) Days of Summer.

I totally fell for her though, when I saw her as Jess in New Girl. For some reason I really want Zooey to be like Jess in real life too. I thought she also wrote for the show, but she is only a producer, still very much involved though! Anyway, the reason I love Jess so much, is that is a bit geeky, cute, funny and innocent. I imagine if I was a guy, I would be totally into chicks like that. Or actually, I would only be into chicks like that. She is gorgeous, she likes to have fun, she can be vulnerable; she has got it all.

The show is good too, especially the first few seasons were freaking awesome, with Jess moving in with the guys, getting closer to Nick (played by Jake Johnson), while Schmidt (Max Greenfield) falls in love with Cece (Hannah Simone). There is always stuff happening that does not really happen in real life in that intense manner, but it does happen and it is very relatable. Jess in general is very relatable to me, I love how she makes pop culture connections and how she speaks her wonderful mind.

It really is a show with a big heart, very upbeat and just great to watch. Jess is not just a very charming personality, her wardrobe is just as adorable. Her super cool pyjamas with parrots, her amazing collection of dresses that are sexy but not showing too much skin, the butterfly sex suit she was wearing when having sex with one of her first boyfriends on the show was stunning. Everything about her makes me want to be her. I mean, she is a teacher, she is playful and fun, but yet she does not have the whole I need to have my own kids (now) – attitude.

It is not a show like Modern Family, cause it does not make me laugh out loud very often, but it does make me grin a lot. Usually it it Jess making me laugh, but Nick is one of the best characters too. He is not as relatable to me, but that makes his jokes extra funny because I don’t expect them. Right now the fifth season of New Girl is on tv, but I am not even sure if I have watched the full fourth season yet! And with the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 releasing on Netflix in a week, I should really catch up on my adorable Jess, that has to deal with a whole different Schmidt 😉

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