The Huntsman Winter’s War is so boring

After the whole drama around Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders it is hard to have fond memories of Snow White and the Huntsman. Sad, because I do remember that I really liked the movie. Especially Charlize Theron as the evil queen, aah she was so awesome in that flick. And the fact that hottie Chris Hemsworth plays the Huntsman, is not bad either 😉

So when I learned that both Charlize as Chris returned for the sequel: The Huntsman Winter’s War, I immediately knew I wanted to see it. I was a bit disappointed that our tough Snow White would not return (as the whole affair made Kristen a bit of a pariah in Hollywood, it seems), but when I read that the gorgeous Jessica Chastain would be in it as a warrior, I was like: okay, this could be interesting.

Well, it wasn’t. It is a bit entertaining, but it is all so predictable. I loved the first few minutes, in which the sister of the evil queen falls in love and gets disappointed, it was lovely to see sisters looking out for each other. But then it is just so standard. They go on this journey, they meet weird dwarves, it is exhausting. And it is often incorrect too. So at one point (no spoilers, don’t worry) the group is hanging in this tree trap, and then the keeper of the trap will only take them down if they give it specific information. So Thor (oh, wait a minute), so the Huntsman says he will tell, but then when they are down and free, the keeper of the trap itself tells the information. That is so odd.

What I also found odd, was how the movie tried so hard not to show Snow White too much, but they did mention her a bit too much to not have shown her face. It just felt weird, like: Snow White is gorgeous, why can’t we see her face?! Obviously we all know why, but it felt more like Snow White was dead, than that she was ruling the beautiful lush country lands of Snow White Kingdom.. And they did try to have some kind of Smeagol-esque explanation for it, but it just did not cut it.

This is a very boring movie, even the action sequences are meh. I did love to see Charlize Theron in her villain role again, because she does it so terrific. And the costumes are amazing too, they should really win an Academy Award, because they are exquisite. They make the Ice Queen a lot more interesting, that is for sure. And of course I loved the romance between Sara and the Huntsman. Two people of my sexiest people alive list that are making out; if they come back for a third one, I will definitely go again 😉

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