My VT Wonen house is so beautiful!

My mom is obsessed with furniture. Or general things in and around the house. As her own house is already as gorgeous as can be, she likes to put her energy in mine. She and dad have bought me awesome gray closets, chairs and they have even made me a table and tv closet. They just had some good ideas with nice and thick wood, and they decided to make it, paint it and gift it to me. Super sweet. And not just that, it is also something that I really value very much, I mean, they have put so much effort in it, it is their own design and I also simply really love it cause they fit my house perfectly.

But now that my furniture is all gray (it used to be all shiny and black), I tend to want to put some pink into the mix. I really like pink, and as I have always lived together with guys, I have never really had the opportunity to pink it up. Obviously I still have a boyfriend so no chance of making anything pink πŸ˜‰ But when a Dutch magazine called VT Wonen had this online contest in which you had to shop in their online store for exactly 10.000 euros, I thought: let’s try. You could win all the stuff you had selected for 10.000 euros, and they looked at the person that had the most style.

I do not have a lot of style, so I was not disappointed when I learned I did not win. But I was surprised by how much fun I had with picking out thing on their website. I usually do not really think about things in my house that much, because 1 my mom does that for me πŸ˜‰ and 2 I always think that it is very expensive. And sometimes it is, I mean, I really would like to have a box spring bed, but it is 1000 euros; a bit too much..

But little things can also make a difference; different cushions on your couch, or just a different lamp or something, there is lots of stuff out there! And it is a very smart contest by VT Wonen, cause people will be like: oooh I loved all those things so much, let’s buy lots of them, now that we did not win. Even I have thought about my ‘summer house’ on VT Wonen a few times after the contest, even though I do not feel like spending any money on it right now. I do often sit at home thinking; those pink touches would be so lovely!

Well, then it is probably about time to show you the stuff I had selected for my house, I hope you like them as much as I do! πŸ™‚

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